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To be eligible to be nominated for this honor, women must be currently employed in institutional investing, have a minimum of 7 years of experience in the industry and demonstrate a measurable effect and results within her workplace and within the industry. Nominees should ideally demonstrate a commitment to attract, retain, support and promote women into the industry. Women across the institutional investment industry are eligible (allocators, asset managers, consultants, service providers, etc.) across various roles.

Nominees will be grouped by years of experience for judging purposes:

  • Next Gen Leaders: 7 to 12 years experience
  • 13 to 20 years experience
  •  20+ years experience

Please note, those that have been honored previously are not eligible to be honored again at this time since their distinguished achievement is a LIFETIME AWARD signifying the recipient as an influential woman within the institutional investing industry. Past honorees may be selected for special recognition categories in future years. Those who were previously nominated but not selected in the final group of honorees can be nominated for consideration again.

Nomination Questions Include:

  • Why are you nominating this individual? Please list specific accomplishments and the positive impact she has had. In your answer, describe solutions, programs, products or projects the nominee developed or implemented and the role she played. Please be specific.                                                                                     
  • Tell us about the nominee’s skills, expertise in her field: education, professional accreditations, awards or significant speaking engagements. Also, does she play a leading role or chair committees for industry groups? Please be specific. 

  • Tell us about nominee’s leadership qualities, managerial experience, team or organizational leadership roles and contributions to the advancement of women and/or support of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in her organization and/or profession.

  • Tell us about any philanthropic activities, community service/support and/or board service that the nominee has.

  • For Next Gen Leaders nominees only: Tell us your thoughts on nominee's leadership potential for the future - where you envision this talented leader can advance in her career and what makes her a standout professional at this stage of career.

  • Please provide 2 recommendations from the nominee’s supervisors, colleagues and/or clients. With each letter of recommendation, please ensure it includes the contact information for the person submitting it: Full name/Title/Company/Email/Phone

    • Recommendations should address expertise, influence, leadership and specific, measurable results/impact/influence of nominee.